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Alexandre Deneuville

Co-Fund Manager of Carmignac Portfolio Unconstrained Credit


Alexandre is a Fund Manager in the Credit team. Alexandre arrived at Carmignac in 2015 as a Credit Analyst. He began his career in 2007 as Portfolio Strategy Research Analyst for Goldman Sachs International in London. In 2008, he joined Ajna Partners in New York where he held the position of Equity Analyst. In 2011, he joined Eiffel Investment to work as a Credit and Equity Analyst. Alexandre holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Institute of Political Studies of Aix-en-Provence and a Master’s degree in Finance from ESSEC Business School.

"Capitalize on credit markets’ segmentation."

Credit markets haven’t been spared by financial repression and are undoubtedly tight. However, those tight average hide extreme differences between what is loved and avoided by investors. This elevated and rising dispersion creates an ideal environment for bond pickers, long and short. As we progress into an already well-advanced credit cycle, we think that the frequency of credit accidents will increase, and that rising risk aversion will bring more and more idiosyncratic opportunities.


Carmignac is an independent asset management firm established in 1989 on three core principles that still stand true today: entrepreneurial spirit, human-driven insight and active commitment. With an AUM of 35 bn and a capital entirely held by our managers, fund managers and staff, we are committed to try harder and better to actively manage our clients’ savings over the long-term with our 21 investment strategies within 4 families (Equity, Fixed Income, Mixed Strategies, profiled)

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