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Martijn Kleinbussink

Portfolio Manager
Kempen Capital Management N.V.

Presentation: Investments that shape the future

The pandemic’s most important outcome is as an accelerant of pre-existing trends. The trend that creates the greatest reshuffling of stakeholder value in recent history is the Transition to a Sustainable Economy. Similar to prior macro trends like globalization and digitization, it offers enormous opportunity for value creation.
We can see a significant jump in development of companies that well understand the context of the next wave. Meanwhile competitive problems for other companies arise, and even market leaders fall off the competitive landscape.


Martijn Kleinbussink joined Kempen Capital Management (KCM) in July 2017 as portfolio manager of the Sustainable Equity team. At KCM he is responsible for the sectors industrials and materials with a focus on companies that are able to create long-term value and align their interest with society. Prior to joining KCM he worked at IBS Capital Management where he started and shared the responsibility for a sustainable stock selection process focused on a value and quality strategy. He graduated in Finance at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and has relevant experience since 2014 within the financial sector.

Kempen Capital Management N.V.:

Kempen Capital Management N.V. (Kempen) is a specialist Asset Management company – a strong player in its niche markets. We focus on a select group of strategies that place us among the top of our international league in Small-caps, Real Estate, Dividend Equities, Fixed Income and Hedge Fund Solutions. We are passionately committed to building long-term partnerships based on transparency and trust and we consider our clients’ goals as our goals, which is why Kempen and our employees invest in our funds right along with you.

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