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Uta Fehm

FI Strategist
UBS Asset Management

Presentation: China's onshore market turns into focus

Introduction of the China Fixed Income Market (Offshore and onshore) with a special focus on domestic onshore markets as a consequent result of market liberalisation:

  • Market size and structure, risk-return-profile etc
  • How can investments in China onshore improve a global bond portfolio and how can investors get access to the markets
  • Market and Macro outlook


Uta Fehm is responsible for analysis and management of investments in Fixed Income portfolios. Based on a long-term experience as a Portfolio Manager in Fixed Income, Uta is delivering investment views and strategies to institutional, wealth management and wholesale clients globally, with a special focus on EM and Asian debt as well as on Global Debt strategies. In that role, she also advises clients in Fixed Income strategies, while representing the FI Portfolio Management team.

She has investment industry experience since 1991and had a special focus on managing emerging markets debt portfolios for more than 20 years. Uta holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Technical University of Dresden (Germany).

UBS Asset Management:

At UBS Asset Management we go beyond investment, building strong client relationships and seeking to deliver consistent results. We offer investment capabilities across all major asset classes for private clients, financial intermediaries and institutional investors around the world.

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