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Pierre Debru

Director, Research

Presentation: Realising the full potential of Thematic investment in your portfolio

Thematics aim to turn world-changing, structural shifts into compelling investment opportunities. They promise to harness long-term, global growth but in doing so they defy traditional portfolio classifications like countries or sectors. Thematic investing represent a complete shift from traditional asset management and it is, therefore, necessary to rethink our investments processes to leverage their full potential. Those investments raise, in particular, three important questions: • How to organize the Thematic universe in a way that facilitates Portfolio Construction? • What makes a good thematic investment and How to select one in a world where benchmarks do not exist? • When using thematics tactically or strategically, how do they fit with the rest of the portfolio?


Pierre works in Research for WisdomTree, which he joined in 2019 as a Director. Pierre focuses on quantitative research and Short and Leverage Investments. Prior to joining the company, Pierre has worked in Investment Research for DWS and the XTrackers range for more than five years. During that period, he focused on Smart Beta Investments, Model Portfolio Construction and Thought Leadership.

Pierre has more than 15 years’ experience in investments and structured asset management. He graduated from Ecole Central Paris and obtained a Master of Science in Mathematics applied to Finance.


WisdomTree was founded in 2006 with a passion for creating better ways to invest, being the first investment manager to weight by dividends. Since 2014, our European business has grown in terms of product set and AUM. In April 2018, we completed the acquisition of ETF Securities’ exchange-traded commodities, currencies and short-and-leveraged business, including the world’s first gold ETP.
Today we are the biggest independent ETP provider globally and offer one of the most innovative ranges of ETPs, covering commodities, FX, equities, fixed income, cryptocurrency and liquid alternatives.

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