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Marc Van de Gucht

Director General BEAMA

Presentation: Report on the Belgian Asset Management and Fund Industry

The Belgian fund market in 2021. An overview of the Belgian Asset Management and Fund Industry looking at the numbers and detecting the major trends.


Marc Van de Gucht (°1966) holds a Master in Commercial and Financial Sciences. He started his career as securities dealer in a Japanese bank. Then he worked for almost 25 years at the Banking and Finance Commission (now FSMA). In 2016 he becomes Director at a private bank (CBP Quilvest). In July 2021 he becomes director asset management & private banking at Febelfin and Director General of BEAMA.


“Belgian Asset Managers Association” is a non-profit association. The aim of “BEAMA VZW” is to represent the ‘AM’ profession, to develop the ‘AM’ activities in Belgium and to improve the image of this association and its members, ‘AM’ covers the promotion, mgmt, distribution & admin. processing of collective investment instruments as well as the institutional mgmt, the mgmt on behalf of private customers & investment advice.