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François Millet

Head of ETF Strategy, ESG & Innovation
Lyxor ETF

Presentation: ETFs for Climate Action: How to align your portfolio with your Net Zero Goals

2021 provides opportunities to “build back better”—finding new ways to tackle the challenges of the modern world. It’s no secret that climate change is one of those challenges; it may even be the defining challenge of our time. How we react to the reality of global warming will set humanity’s course for decades to come. If enough investors put enough of their money to work, we believe finance can help to limit global warming to 1.5°C (target set by the 2015 Paris Agreement).


Overseeing Lyxor’s SRI ETF strategies, Francois was deeply involved in the introduction of the first Green bond ETF worldwide, first Global Gender equality ETF, ETFs capturing issuers ESG momentum, and the first range of ETFs tracking EU labelled Climate benchmarks. Prior to this he was Product Line Manager-ETF & Indexing overseeing passive and smart beta strategies. François joined Lyxor in 2009 and holds Post-Masters degrees in Economics from La Sorbonne.

Lyxor ETF:

Lyxor ETF : the original pioneers
Lyxor has been running ETFs since 2001, longer than any other European provider. Our pioneering spirit helped shape the market you know today. We’ve become one of Europe’s largest, most liquid ETF managers. And our far-reaching range spans all asset classes, and includes some of the largest and best performing ETFs in Europe. We now offer 200+ ways to explore markets: ESG and thematic exposures, sustainable bonds, core…