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Dr. Nathalie Flury

Co-Head of Sustainable Healthcare Equity

Presentation: Sustainable healthcare, how to generate healthy returns? | Healthcare: a sector to watch

It’s time to act! The scope of change needed to stop the cycle of spiraling cost and deliver sustainable healthcare systems creates investment opportunities.Cost is the principal sustainability challenge facing the global healthcare sector. Rising expenses for governments and individuals make care inaccessible to millions. Change needed to address affordability creates opportunities likely to generate returns.


>20 years experience as a fund manager managing European based biotech and healthcare Lux. SICAV with custom made biotech and medte with custom made biotech and medtech mandates for family offices.


A global asset manager with a strong heritage of successfully connecting our clients to global investment opportunities. Presence in 25 countries and territories with around 600 investment professionals. AuM of USD621 billion globally for a range of clients, from some of the largest institutional investors in the world to commercial and corporate clients, financial intermediaries, retail and private banking clients.