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Marcel Danen

Executive Director

Presentation: Greener and cleaner: How to reduce climate risks and carbon exposures in SRI ETFs

As the adoption of ESG solutions continues to grow, there has been clear demand from investors for ETF solutions which target the ongoing concerns surrounding climate change. Specifically, carbon-related metrics have become a key focus of consideration. In this case study we will show how to address climate risks and carbon exposures in SRI ETFs.


Marcel Danen, Executive Director at UBS Asset Management, has been responsible for the UBS ETF & index funds proposition since he joined UBS Asset Management in 2015. Before that, he worked as a Sales Executive at the Dutch office of Vanguard. Marcel started his career at ABN Amro in various positions, amongst which several sales & marketing positions for the Asian branch of both the Private Bank and Asset Management. Marcel graduated as a Business Economist at the Free University, Amsterdam.


UBS Asset Management is a global large-scale and diversified asset manager, with a presence in 23 markets. We have a fast-growing and sizeable passive offering, being among the top 10 firms globally and second largest Europe-based passive player as well as fourth largest ETF provider in Europe, innovating in areas such as smart beta and alternative indices.