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Portfolio Manager of DNCA Invest Global New World

Presentation: DNCA Invest Global New World - Investing today in tomorrow's world

Digitalization is at the heart of the transformation of industries and society. This revolution is not new, but it continues to accelerate, with no turning back. For business leaders, it has become a priority in order to gain agility, innovation capacity but also to stay connected to their stakeholders. Discover DNCA Invest Global New World, our new global SRI-labelled conviction fund, whose strategy is to invest in innovators and leaders in digitalization.


Cédric Pointier is an equity portfolio manager-analyst and team leader specialized in Innovation & Technology Companies. He is Lead Portfolio Manager of the investment team managing DNCA Invest Global New World and an investment team member of DNCA Actions Euro.
He began his investment career in 2000 and has more than 21 years’ experience.


Since DNCA was set up in 2000, we have pursued a European conviction-driven approach to investing, bringing together experienced professionals to deliver conservative growth solutions for private and institutional investors. For more than 20 years, we have rigorously created and managed highly effective and internationally recognised investment strategies with a strong focus on minimising risk.