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Andrew Lister

Senior Investment Manager

Presentation: The rise of private markets: time to look for portfolio diversification in a daily liquid format

In an environment of low implied returns in many asset classes, the demand for alternative investments is growing substantially. Private markets used to be an opaque space for investors, but it’s now emerging as a big landscape of opportunities. The ASSI – Listed Private Capital Fund is a daily liquid SICAV that provides access to the growth and performance of private markets for ALL clients irrespective of their liquidity needs.
The time has come for “the democratisation of private markets”.


Member of abrdn for 20+ years, Andrew Lister has been involved in all aspects of investment analysis and portfolio management in a range of markets and asset classes. He is the manager of the AS SICAV I–Listed Private Capital Fund since its inception, in 2018. Andrew graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in Geography in 1999. He completed the Investment Management Certificate in 2001 and qualified as a technical analyst in 2005. Andrew holds the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing.


At abrdn, we enable our clients to plan, save and invest for their futures.
Our investments are built on an insight strength that comes from multi-layered research and a large global footprint. Our teams collaborate across multiple capabilities, to create forward-thinking solutions that aim to meet our clients’ needs and deliver more sustainable outcomes. We manage $629.4 billion of assets for our clients, with support and expertise from 800 investment specialists in over 30 locations.