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Jags Walia

Senior Portfolio Manager Global Listed Infrastructure
Kempen Capital Management N.V.

Presentation: Find a way or make one - Decarbonisation for life

Utilities emit >30% of global greenhouse gases. Decarbonising this essential sector is the key to meeting Paris climate goals. We will highlight how we find companies that do this, or make them.


Jags Walia joined Kempen Capital Management (KCM) in Feb 2019 to help launch the new Kempen Global Listed Infrastructure Fund. Investing since 1995 across Energy, Tech, Industrials sectors, and actively engaging with companies for change since 2008, on issues ranging from arctic drilling to LGBT rights, to executive compensation.

Kempen Capital Management N.V.:

Kempen Capital Management N.V. (Kempen) is a specialist Asset Management company – a strong player in its niche markets. We focus on a select group of strategies that place us among the top of our international league in Small-caps, Real Estate, Dividend Equities, Fixed Income and Hedge Fund Solutions. We are passionately committed to building long-term partnerships based on transparency and trust and we consider our clients’ goals as our goals, which is why Kempen and our employees invest in our funds right along with you.