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Stephan Fritz

Portfolio Director Multi Asset
Flossbach von Storch

Presentation: Quality and real diversification: two important pillars in the infinite game of investing

Investors continue to be worried about investing. They try to time the next correction or are reluctant to invest because markets are too high. So, it is time to talk about the real risks of investing, not volatility, the safety of their assets. Stefan Fritz will outline how quality and real diversification are probably the only way to manage the real risks of investing and help our clients make the right decisions.


Stephan Fritz has been a member of the Multi-Asset Team since 2015. He works under the leadership of Dr Bert Flossbach, Co-Founder and Board Member of the company. As Portfolio Director of the Multi-Asset Team, he leads the Capital Market Strategy- and Product Communication Teams.
Prior to this, Stephan Fritz was Director of Fund Sales and was responsible for the ex

Flossbach von Storch:

Flossbach von Storch AG was established in 1998 by Bert Flossbach and Kurt von Storch. The business was launched on 1 March 1999. The company originally specialised in the management of private assets. Its clients include many wealthy private individuals, fund investors and institutional investors. However, most of the funds entrusted to us are now managed within the Flossbach von Storch mutual fund