Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 
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Mohammed Amor

CEO of Thematics Asset Management
Natixis Investment Managers


Mohammed Amor is one of the founders and owners of Thematics Asset Management1. He is Managing Partner & Head of development of Thematics Asset Management. Mohammed has 9 years of experience. He began his career in 2010 as a Sales Representative at Derivatives Capital, a brokerage firm specialized in structured products. He joined Turgot Asset Management in 2013, as Head of retail. In 2014, he joined Pictet Asset Management, where he covered retail, banks and networks in France. Mohammed holds a Master degree from Ecole de Management de Grenoble.

"Why Thematics Investing?"

Thematics has become mainstream when in investing in global equities.
As it adresse many of the shortcomings of equities investing.
However these strategies are designed is critical to turn them in attractive investment propositions.

Natixis Investment Managers:

Thematics Asset Management is a dedicated investment firm focus on Thematics investing.
Composed of a highly experienced management team.
Thematics Asset Management is an affiliate of Natixis.

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