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Léa Dunand-Chatellet

Head of the Responsible Investment department
DNCA Investments


Léa Dunand-Chatellet, is a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS), with an aggregation in economy and management (university highest-level competitive examination for teachers’ recruitment), and is also a member of various committees on the Paris financial market. She teaches courses on responsible investment in some of France’s major business schools on a yearly basis and co-authored a key publication in 2014 “SRI and Responsible Investment” (published by Ellipse, available in French only). Léa started her career in 2005 at Oddo Securities’ extra-financial research department, then became portfolio manager and Head of ESG research at Sycomore Asset Management in 2010. She spent five years at the company, setting up and managing a range of SRI funds with AUM of €700m, achieving a top AAA ranking from Citywire. Working within the investment management industry, she developed a pioneering extra-financial model that includes sustainable development issues in the fund management approach. In 2015, she joined Mirova as Equity CIO, managing a team of ten equity portfolio managers, with AUM of €3.5bn. Léa Dunand-Chatellet was appointed Head of the Responsible Investment department at DNCA Finance in June 2018.

"Impact investing: a new look at equities."

In 2017, DNCA Finance signed up to the PRIs to provide a structured framework to its approach and play an active part in industry discussions as a long-term investor. In so doing, we reinforced our credentials as responsible investment managers, toward both our investor clients and the companies we finance.
Our goal is to offer a differentiated, innovative approach that evolves to integrate new challenges as they emerge. As such, our responsible investment policy includes two distinct concepts: corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the transition to a sustainable economy. We assess these two dimensions by carrying out in-depth analysis of economic and social trends, drawing on our recognized Responsible Investment expertise.
DNCA also develop a dedicated range of product for SRI strategy: DNCA INVEST BEYOND.

DNCA Investments:

Since DNCA was set up in 2000, we have pursued a European conviction-driven approach to investing, bringing together experienced professionals to deliver conservative growth solutions for private and institutional investors.
For more than 19 years, we have rigorously created and managed highly effective and internationally recognized investment strategies with a strong focus on minimizing risk. Today’s increasingly volatile and complex economic and financial environment rules out passive investment solutions. That’s why we build portfolios which reflect our fund managers’ strong convictions and their in-depth grasp of companies and the world they operate in.
At DNCA, we all share the same ambition: devising appropriate investment solutions and managing them with a blend of anticipation and pragmatism.
Our expertise, rigor and sense of accountability have helped DNCA Finance rank among Europe’s top equity investment firms.

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