Wednesday, March 4th 2020, 
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Jill Rootsaert

Head of ETF distribution – Benelux
J.P. Morgan Asset Management


Jill Rootsaert is Head of ETF Distribution for Benelux at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Jill works with the Benelux team on developing key ETF relationships across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Jill worked for iShares (BlackRock). Jill has a Master Degree in Law from the University of Ghent and is holder of EMLE in Law and Economics of the University of Hamburg. She has worked in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK. She started her career as a currency trader at Fortis Bank and has previous experience both as fundselector at SocGen PB and portfolio manager at Henderson Global Investors.

"Active ETF’s: Revealing the untapped potential."

Until recently, ETFs have been synonymous with passive investment strategies. However investors are increasingly realising that the ETF wrapper is also an ideal home for actively managed investment solutions. J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s unique range of ETFs looks to leverage the best of J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s investment capabilities by managing both active & passive strategies across Fixed Income, Equities and Alternatives. Jill will be introducing how innovative active ETFs can help you reposition your portfolio in times of uncertainty and will challenge the status quo in ETF investing.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management:

J.P. Morgan Asset Management, with assets under management of USD 2.0 trillion (as of 31 December 2019), is a global leader in investment management. J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s clients include institutions, retail investors and high net worth individuals in every major market throughout the world. J.P. Morgan Asset Management offers global investment management in equities, fixed income, real estate, hedge funds, private equity and liquidity. We’ve also harnessed all of our global research and used all of our investment expertise to build an innovative range of ETF strategies. We believe it’s this integration of world-class quantitative research and time-tested investment processes with our robust trading capabilities and extensive technology expertise that sets our ETF platform apart. Find out more at

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