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Mark Fitzgerald

Head of Product Specialists, Product Management, Europe


Mark Fitzgerald joined Vanguard’s Portfolio Review Department in December 2013 and is currently responsible for the Product Specialist, Product Management team in Europe, having previously run PRD, Product Development and Product Management in Europe. Prior to joining Vanguard, Mark worked for BlackRock/ BGI where he spent 8 years in the Portfolio Management Group in various senior roles, lastly as a Managing Director, European Head of the iShares Portfolio Management Team and European lead for the Beta Strategies Index Research Group. Before BlackRock’s acquisition of BGI, Mark was Head of Pooled Funds Equity Index Portfolio Management and the Index total return swap programme. Mark spent 7 years as a quantitative equity and fixed income portfolio manager at Deutsche Asset Management and Northern Trust before joining BGI. Mark holds a BA Honsin Business Studies and International Finance from South Bank University, London.

"Capturing fixed income returns: Opportunity versus liquidity."

Balancing the depth of opportunity in fixed income markets with liquidity concerns and interest rate uncertainty is a challenge for any bond investor. Mark Fitzgerald discusses how Vanguard – the world’s third-largest active bond manager and second-largest bond index manager – strikes this balance. He examines the case for index investing in fixed income and highlights the active decisions required to be a successful ‘passive’ bond investor. Mark considers a range of bond strategies and the difference Vanguard’s scale, expertise and low-cost focus can make as investors face new risks and re-think their bond allocations in this late stage of the economic cycle.


Founded in 1976, The Vanguard Group Inc. has grown into one of the largest fund managers in the world, with $5.9 trillion in total assets under management (as at 31 October 2019). The Vanguard Group’s unique ownership structure means it is free to focus on low costs, transparency and fairness for all clients. Vanguard has been present in Europe since 1998, opening its London office in 2009. Since that time the company has built a range of mutual funds and ETFs that bring its low-cost, high-quality ethos to investors across Europe.

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