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Wednesday, September 18th 2019, 
Alvisse Parc Hotel,Luxembourg


Luxembourg as the gateway to the investment world.

With Brexit that generates a flight by non-British companies to the mainland, with the tradewars between China and the USA, with the situation in the Middle East there is an opportunity for Luxembourg to reinforce its position as gateway to the entire investment world and pivot point for the world of investments. From the small Luxembourg community, all investment types and flavours can be reached. Luxembourg as the prism for all investments and investment professionals. Enough arguments for us to create this first edition of the Trends Investment Summit Luxembourg and for you to attend. Register now.

Ben Granjé

Host of the Day


Ben Granjé is the founder of Beconomics, a consulting firm established in September 2017, focussing on Investor Outcomes. Following projects with Banks/insurers/advisors in the investment industry, Ben has accepted a mandate to serve as CEO for the Flemish Federation of Investors (a representational body for end investors in Belgium, non-profit). Mr Granjé is also a partner/council member in several research & consulting organisations such as BIAS and GLG. Previously, Ben worked at Morningstar, servicing the Benelux market (June 2005 – September 2017). Prior to this, his experience includes work for an Asset Manager (Invesco) and in consumer banking as investment advisor (Citi, Nagelmackers). Ben completed a Master in Psychology (majoring in Organisational psy & Consulting) from Ghent University, in 1996. He is co-author of several books on Investing, Investor Behavior & risk.

Presentation: Closing remarks

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