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Wednesday, September 18th 2019, 
Alvisse Parc Hotel,Luxembourg


Luxembourg as the gateway to the investment world.

With Brexit that generates a flight by non-British companies to the mainland, with the tradewars between China and the USA, with the situation in the Middle East there is an opportunity for Luxembourg to reinforce its position as gateway to the entire investment world and pivot point for the world of investments. From the small Luxembourg community, all investment types and flavours can be reached. Luxembourg as the prism for all investments and investment professionals. Enough arguments for us to create this first edition of the Trends Investment Summit Luxembourg and for you to attend. Register now.

Peter De Proft

Honorary Director General
European Fund and Asset Management Association


Peter De Proft was until june 2019, the Director General of EFAMA (The European Fund and Asset Management Association), a position he took up in October 2007. Prior to his appointment with EFAMA, he was CEO at Fortis Investment Management Belgium (2004-2007), where he was responsible for the development and implementation of the global Fortis Investments strategy at Belgian level, and he has also previously held the position of Executive Director at Banque Nagelmackers 1747 / Groupe Delta Lloyd (2001-2004). Today, he’ll be handing over his function to Tanguy van de Werve and is himself appointed as Honorary Chairman. He remains active in the asset and fund management industry as a consultant.
Mr De Proft has held a number of board positions in the fund & asset management industry, including Chairman of the Board of BEAMA (Belgian Asset Managers Association), Board Member and Vice Chairman of Febelfin (2004- 2006); Board Member of Fefsi/Efama (2002 – 2004); Board Member of FEBELFIN (2002 – 2004). He is a member of the MiFID Level 3 expert consultative group, and has previously been a member of the MiFID Level 2 Consultative Working Group of Market Participants (2004-05), and the Efficiency Expert Group for the European Commission in order to enhance the single market framework for investment funds (January – June 2006). In May 2009, he was appointed Chairman of the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA).
A trained lawyer, Mr De Proft was educated at The Free University, Brussels, where he received a degree in Law (with specialisation in economic, financial and tax law) in 1976, and an additional degree in Economic Law in 1977.

Presentation: "Reflexions on the evolution of the asset management industry"


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