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Wednesday, September 18th 2019, 
Alvisse Parc Hotel,Luxembourg


Luxemburg as the gateway to the investment world.

With Brexit that generates a flight by non-British companies to the mainland, with the tradewars between China and the USA, with the situation in the Middle East there is an opportunity for Luxembourg to reinforce its position as gateway to the entire investment world and pivot point for the world of investments. From the small Luxembourg community, all investment types and flavours can be reached. Luxembourg as the prism for all investments and investment professionals. Enough arguments for us to create this first edition of the Trends Investment Summit Luxembourg and for you to attend. Register now.

Valeria Vine

Investment Product Specialist
Capital Group


Valeria Vine is an investment product specialist at Capital Group. She has 10 years of industry experience and has been with Capital Group for three years. Prior to joining Capital, Valeria worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young. Before that, she was a senior consultant at FactSet. She holds a master’s degree in banking and international finance from Cass Business School and a bachelor’s degree in economics from University of Nottingham. She also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. Valeria is based in London.

Presentation: "Capturing growth potential of emerging economies"

Our 30 years history of investing in emerging markets has taught us that a concentrated nature of EM benchmarks, significant state ownership and a relatively high information asymmetry often create opportunities for those taking a long term view. While there are factors affecting these regions as a group such as investor risk appetite and global monetary conditions, we believe emerging markets are a heterogenous asset class. A fundamental, bottom-up approach and on-the-ground research can help identify companies that will grow faster than their peers and perform well over the long term.

Capital Group:

Founded in the US in 1931, Capital Group is one of the world’s largest independent investment managers. Throughout our history of more than 80 years, our aim has always been to deliver superior, consistent results for long-term investors. Investment management is our only business, and the stability of our privately owned organisation has enabled us to maintain a long-term perspective throughout the decades; we believe this perspective helps to align our goals with the interests of our clients. The majority of our portfolio managers and analysts have witnessed several market cycles and have been with Capital Group for many years. We build our investment strategies with durability in mind, backed by our experience in varying market conditions. Our active investment process is designed to enable individual investment professionals to act on their highest convictions, while limiting the risk associated with isolated decision-making. Fundamental proprietary research provided by our global network of experienced investment analysts forms the backbone of our approach.

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