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Global Agribusiness - From Farm to Fork

"Overview of current market environment and trends in agribusiness.

The fundamental outlook across agricultural commodities remains constructive. Underlying agribusiness fundamentals have improved to levels not seen over the last eight years. We expect that this season we will have the strongest net farm income in the US since 2013, driven by higher grain prices and governmental support for US farmers.

Why DWS:

- Experienced manager with a long-term track since 2006
- One of the few funds which still considers the entire value chain of agribusiness!
- ESG: Article 8 compliant mutual fund

What really makes Agribusiness stocks interesting:

- Significant uptick of soft commodities prices have improved farmer’s income
- Increased corn and soybean demand from China
- US corn and soybeans stock-to-use ratios remain below historical average
- Investment needs to modernize agricultural equipment
- New application fields by using digital solutions and new technologies


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