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ODDO BHF Polaris Flexible & ODDO BHF Polaris Dynamic - well prepared to navigate challenging markets

"The ODDO BHF Polaris multi asset fund family consists of four globally diversified funds, offering an investment solution for different investor profiles, from defensive to balanced and from flexible to dynamic. The funds differ mainly in their risk profile, which is defined by the maximum equity exposure.
With a consistently quality-oriented investment style, the funds of the ODDO BHF Polaris family enable to invest in long-term opportunities. A team of 15 investment specialists with more than 20 years of experience on average is dedicated to the selection of companies with robust and resilient business models.
Essential for the investment success of the funds is the clear focus on quality stocks, which exhibits a resistance to crisis as well as structural growth potential, i.e. growth that is independent of economic cycles. These funds offer our clients a direct exposure to global secular trends such as digitalization and automation of the economy, new consumer and work trends, ageing population, and rising emerging market consumption."

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