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Portfolio Manager

Thomas Sørensen has been managing the Nordea Global Climate and Environment strategy since its launch in 2008. Thomas has been an advocate of sustainable thematic investing for more than a decade, creating Nordea’s climate universe well ahead of the global trend. The social dimension was added by Thomas’ team early 2020. Thomas began his career with Nordea in 1997 and worked as an analyst covering energy and materials prior to becoming portfolio manager. He holds a BSc. Finance from Copenhagen Business School.

Nordea Asset Management

Nordea Asset Management (NAM, AuM 266bn EUR*), is part of the Nordea Group, the largest financial services group in the Nordic region (AuM 372bn EUR*). NAM offers European and global investors’ exposure to a broad set of investment funds. We serve a wide range of clients and distributors which include banks, asset managers, independent financial advisors and insurance companies.