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Wednesday, November 17th 2021
Skyhall Brussels Airport – Belgium



Covid-19 shook the whole world. The world is step by step re-opening and getting “back to a new normal”.

The markets seem to absorb and handle the uncertainty & recovery well. What will be changed after Covid-19, in our world, in our lives, in our personal wellbeing? How do investors feel and act? What does the asset and wealth management industry experience and how do they see the (near) future from both a client as a market and a product perspective? 2021 was also an important year with a focus on sustainability.

But, are these the only two major game changers? What are the effects of rebalancing our live and work? What are other (investment) themes with a big impact and benefit or risk? Is there more to come? What challenges and opportunities do we see? Never a dull moment in managing the assets and the portfolios of our clients!

And again so much to keep in mind, new things to discover, mitigate risk and to build a strategy around these! What and how do you advise your clients!?

Do you want to join the event?

Register and learn from great insights and best practices of your peers at the 16th edition of Trends Investment Summit Benelux 2021 on Wednesday, November 17th 2021 at Skyhall Brussels Airport.

Free access for advisors

Trends Investment Summit is an investment professionals only event. Are you a CIO, investment advisor, wealth manager, private banker, family officer, director of a life insurance company, advisor or do you occupy a similar position in the world of finance, investments and insurance? Request your special VIP invitation code now. Free access is subject to validation by the organization. Entrance for service providers, consultants and fund managers is charged (only per person, not possible for groups).

Online registration

Access to the Trends Investment Summit Benelux IS FOR INVESTMENT PROFESSIONALS ONLY AND can be obtained by online registration. After your registration, an invoice will be sent to the indicated address in order to arrange payment. (Per person, for several persons please contact the organization).

By invitation

INVESTMENT PROFESSIONALS, can attend the Trends Investment Summit Benelux by invitation of one of our partners. Please refer to your contact person at our partners company for more details.