Trends Investment Summit Benelux 2022

Wednesday, March 15th 2023
Skyhall Brussels Airport – Belgium


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

How the finance and investment industry contribute to a better world

Covid, Ukraine , (geo)political uncertainty, … ?
You as investment professional are trained to tackle events and crises that effect our business. You evaluate the risks, analyze the opportunities and implement the best investment strategies with for your clients

But what about global trends and progress that are a real gamechanger for the financial world and investment industry. How can we contribute to a more divers, more equal and more inclusive world? The world’s largest wealth management and investment firms are already making a top priority of ensuring a diverse mix of portfolio managers. Not only because they know that mixed-gender teams generate better returns at a lower risk rate. Global players are adapting their products, services and communication or (re)designing these to make them available to the needs of anyone! How do we manage our progress to inclusion, equity and diversity? And how does it impact not only our company but also our relationships with clients and advisors. Our society and our lives…

Learn from the great insights and best practices of your peers!
The 18th edition of Trends Investment Summit Benelux takes place on Wednesday, March 15th2023 at the Skyhall Brussels Airport.

For (Institutional) Investment Professionals, (Private) Banking Advisors, Family Officers and Tax & Wealth Lawyers only.