Trends Investment Summit Benelux 2022

Wednesday, March 13th 2024
Skyhall Brussels Airport – Belgium


Back to the Future of Asset Allocation

Energy transition, climate change, (financial) wellbeing, longevity, political & global instability,…

What’s next in the new normal? AI? ChatGPT? We are for sure done with TINA, TRINA and TARA! Will Barbie then be the next big mover? Or ‘just another trend?’ After TINA (There Is No Alternative) and TRINA (There Really Is NO Alternative) we now have so much going on in the world and our investment industry!

Volatility in the stockmarkets, intrest rates from zero raising rapidly. Yes, There Are Real Alternatives (TARA) available. What do you think about emerging markets? BARBIE (Bonds Are Really Back In Earnest) is perhaps here to stay! And how sustainable are we really building our portfolio’s for our institutional and private clients? There are opportunities and so much alternatives to choose from! Back to reality, back to basics, back to (balanced?) portfolio’s focussing on returns and risks. What a beautiful job we have being prudent wealth and asset managers.
Back to the Future of Asset Allocation!

Learn from the great insights and best practices of your peers!
The 19th edition of Trends Investment Summit Benelux takes place on Wednesday, March 13th 2024 at the Skyhall Brussels Airport.

For (Institutional) Investment Professionals, (Private) Banking Advisors, Family Officers and Tax & Wealth Lawyers only.