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Panel – 50 Shades of Green equities (part 1/2)

16h30 - 17h00
Conference Room 3

Investors want to balance ESG investments and strong financial performance. The question arises: can one still achieve strong returns while investing in green initiatives and adhering to ESG principles?

There are different ways to look at ESG investments that contribute towards a greener economy. Some look at specific sectors , such as renewable energy, clean technology, waste management, some look at contemporary themes such as sustainable Real Estate project development and sustainable agriculture. Some look at lowering your carbon footprint or look at leading companies that keep offering strong financial performance by implementing strong ESG practices.

Investing in Green Equities offers exciting opportunities for investors due to the market’s high diversification. Uncover the current trends and challenges in this space, and understand the advantages of venturing into this market through a comprehensive panel debate.

Funds that will be highlighted in the panel:

  • Amundi: KBI Energy Transition
  • AXA IM: AXA WF Framlington Sustainable Europe
  • Schroders: SISF Global cities
  • UBP: 30 Global leaders Equity

Amundi, AXA IM, Schroders and UBP are pleased to join forces and experience to discuss the different investments sector companies, the latest trends, inspiring you on how to navigate the Green Equity market.